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Gravina 51 Hotel CUISINE Sevilla

Gravina 51 Hotel CUISINE

The best flavours of Sevilla

Cuisine is one of the most important elements of Hotel Gravina 51. We have offerings that allow you to savor exquisite moments with fresh produce selected by our chef.

BAR 51

The most casual occasions are experienced at our Snack Bar, Bar 51. It’s a space with breathtaking decor in which you can lose yourself in the pleasures of conversation. This can be accompanied by our snack menu with a variety of wines and local champagnes, or you can simply enjoy a coffee, tea, or freshly squeezed juice.


Delicious breakfast

Now that you have enjoyed the sleep that you deserve, it’s time to enjoy the perfect breakfast: start by tasting some of the jams prepared each day by our chef, along with some toast with one of our great varieties of bread, follow with fresh juice made daily and finish with a plate of eggs to your liking. We make everything for you on the spot.

It is also in Bar 51 where you will enjoy the best sangria in Seville. Don’t miss it!

Room service

Experience a menu carefully catered for you in the intimacy of your room.