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On a route through the Arab baths in Seville, Gravina 51 Hotel

On a route through the Arab baths in Seville

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That the Andalusian capital is one of the most welcoming cities in Spain is a fact, and not only because of its people and its gastronomy, but also because of its cultural offer and historical heritage, which make the city one of the main tourist engines of the country. If you are thinking of visiting it, among the hidden gems of the city is one of the best hotels in Seville center, from where we invite you to discover which are the Arab baths in Seville that you cannot miss.

Arab baths in Seville

The Hammam or Arab baths reached their greatest popularity in the Sevillian city in the Muslim era. Initially, they were used to carry out a purification ritual prior to praying, and later they also became popular as healing sanctuaries.

Its interior architecture is made up of different square or rectangular vaulted rooms, which allow a small amount of natural light to enter while allowing ventilation. The brick walls and their decoration with geometric murals make them the ideal place to unwind and relax.

These thermal baths were based on baths with water at different temperatures that activate circulation, thus eliminating toxins from the body, therefore, they used to be divided into a cold water room, a warm water room and a hot water room.

Among the thermal baths in Seville, we introduce you to two of the most famous and that best preserve the architecture of the original Arab baths.

AIRE Ancient Baths

First of all, AIRE Ancient Baths located in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, inside a Mudejar-style palace-house. They have water rooms at different temperatures, one of them with salt water, where you will have the opportunity to float on the surface. The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes and then gives way to treatments such as massage, exfoliation or aromatherapy.

Medina Aljarafe

On the other hand, the Medina Aljarafe Arab baths are located on the outskirts of the city and its spectacular interior recreates the ancient atmosphere of Al-Andalus with elements such as lamps and candles. They also have therapeutic massages, steam baths and therapies that include ingredients such as algae or chocolate.

Where to stay to visit the Arab baths in Seville

If you visit the Arab baths in Seville and are looking for accommodation, we recommend that you come to one of the best hotels in the center of Seville.

In the heart of the city, our Hotel Gravina 51 is just a 15-minute walk from AIRE Ancient Baths. Gravina 51 is located in a palatial house and in every corner of it you can breathe the essence of the city. Our clients highlight the great quality of the rest in the hotel, the breakfasts, having the possibility of staying with their pets and also having their own car park to be able to explore the city on foot.

The Andalusian capital is one of those places where you always want to return, and if you still haven't seen the Arab baths in Seville, now you have the perfect excuse. Stay at Gravina 51 and make the most of your stay in the old town. We are waiting for you!